Launch of b/w ineo 1052/1250

Economical power in production printing

Langenhagen, October 2012. Productivity is the precondition for profitability in production printing. And productivity is dependent on the ability to carry out almost any kind of print job fast, efficiently and economically. A newly launched DEVELOP monochrome production printing system, the ineo 1052/1250, does well in all three criteria – and delivers the high output quality demanded of a production printing system.

The main difference between these two production printing systems is their rated engine speed: the ineo 1052 has a maximum output of 105 A4 pages per minute or 6,300 per hour while the ineo 1250 prints at up to 125 ppm and 7,500 pph. Ines Wennemann, product manager responsible for the ineo 1052/1250, highlights its strengths: “The outstanding print quality and high degree of media flexibility of the ineo 1052/1250 are undoubtedly two of its most attractive features. The bottom line for in-house printrooms or digital printshops is that high-volume print jobs can be completed on time, to an extremely high standard and, last but not least,

Outstanding quality
Thanks to a number of innovative technical features the ineo 1052/1250 delivers a print output of outstanding quality – right up to the full rated speed. One such innova-tion is the system’s highly precise LED exposure with an impressive resolution of 1,200 dpi. Automatic sensors in the printing unit ensure the greatest possible print accuracy and image stability. Another feature that helps ensure top-quality print output is the system’s highly precise conversion of CIE colour data to the corresponding greyscale values. The innovative HD polymerised toner system guarantees razor-sharp images and crisp text at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. It also ensures that the ultra-fine polymerised toner particles are deposited evenly to guarantee stable printing of black areas right up to the very last page of any high-volume print job.

Flexible media handling
The ineo 1052/1250 gives in-house printrooms and digital printshops a great deal of flexibility in the media they can handle, e.g. paper from 40 to 350 g/m2 in weight and 95 x 139 mm (A6) to 324 x 463 mm (A3+) in size. The machine can be equipped with up to eleven cassettes for a maximum paper feed capacity of 18,000 sheets. The optional vacuum suction technology offers optimises the reliability of the paper input by preventing double or multiple feed. Incidentally, the large-capacity cassette can also be used to feed in pre-printed colour covers, for example. A special paper cata-logue function saves the operator time in choosing the right kind of paper and cassette for a particular print job. The paper and cassette required can be simply selected on the large touchscreen monitor with its user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI). Straightforward handling is a big boost to productivity in a production printing environment.

First-class finishing functionality

The modular concept behind this production printing system makes a great many configuration options possible – and ensures every machine can be customised to the user’s needs. One of the system’s strengths is the wide range of inline finishing units that can be integrated to create an all-round production printing solution, e.g. the Booklet-Maker, Folder, Large-Capacity Stacker, Stapler, GBC Puncher or Perfect Binder options. As a result, users can choose between a wide range of first-class finishing functions, e.g. automatic production, front trimming and offset stacking of leaflets, brochures or catalogues of up to 200 pages (50 sheets), automatic binding of books of up to 30 mm thickness, Z-folding of pages, insertion of pre-printed colour pages or section dividers, automatic lengthways trimming of covers, punching of many different hole configurations for all standard binding styles at the full rated speed, and a 5,000-sheet trolley stacker for use with offline finishing facilities.

The fact that the ineo 1052/1250 comes with such a wide range of outstanding fea-tures and performs so economically makes it a sound investment for in-house printrooms or digital printshops.

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