Useful app store simplifies office work

DEVELOP launches dstore for business apps

Langenhagen, May 2014. "Installing business-relevant apps on a multifunctional office device is a job for service technicians." That was the prevailing attitude up to now. With the launch of dstore DEVELOP has put an end to this time-consuming and often inconvenient procedure and, above all, simplified office work. dstore, the app store for ineo systems, allows business apps to be accessed straight from an ineo operating panel.

"dstore has been developed to simplify office work," says Daniel Schellhase, the DEVELOP product manager responsible for this app store. "It provides access to useful apps, e.g. to connect an ineo device to cloud services, and even lets paper templates be printed out for everyday office jobs. dstore not only helps to customise an ineo device, it also enhances its functionality."

The business app store

Though similar in functionality to the apps stores most people are familiar with from their smartphone or tablet, dstore is characterised by one key difference: it is a custom-designed app store for business-relevant apps. The fact that these apps can be accessed straight from the operating panel of a multifunctional ineo device is another big advantage: the apps are available where users need them - in their office. dstore not only does away with the need for a service technician in the installation of business apps, it also enables all downloaded apps (and indeed the whole of dstore) to be remotely updated with no external assistance required.

Direct access to cloud services

One of these business apps, the ineo connector app, links ineo devices to cloud solutions such as Google Drive™ or Google Mail™, thus allowing users to upload documents as an email attachment or into any Google Drive™ folder they want, and to print out emails straight from Google Drive™ or Google Mail™. In other words, the ineo connector app - downloadable from dstore - saves office users lots of time and inconvenience, e.g. by avoiding the many steps otherwise needed to upload paper-based documents to Google.

Paper templates for office tasks

Isometric or millimetre paper for architects or builders and lined, graph or squared paper for offices, schools or universities: dstore has an app that enables users to easily find the paper template they need. This not only saves money by doing away with the need to purchase special-purpose paper, it also simplifies routine tasks through this timesaving "short-cut".

By bringing the simplicity and convenience of the app store to the office environment, dstore is a must for today's smartphone and tablet generation.


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